Seller FAQ

This FAQ section is created to answer most common questions that users have about this website and its features. Here you will find help by going through the MyAccount, Buy, Sell, Payment Option, Guides and other available help menus.

Yes, we do charge a small fee when sellers retrieves their payment. Please check the table below for more info :


As a new seller, you are limited to create 20 sales listings. After you have successfully completed at least 3 orders, you will be given the option to create more than 20 listings.

If you  have plenty of stocks to be put on sale and you wish to increase the limit on creating more listings, please kindly contact us via We will get back to you as soon as possible

In order to be get the verified seller status, you will need to submit a photo of your Identity Card or driving license to us. The verification process will be done within 24 hours.

Once the verification is done,  a “verified” icon will be visible on your product listing. This icon will provide buyers the confidence that they need in placing an order from you. Besides that, a verified seller is eligible to be upgraded to Power Seller status. For more information about Power Seller ranking, please refer to this link :

Steps to submit photo :
a) Go to “My Account”
b) Go to “Seller Payment”
c) Under Seller Payment -> Request Payment
d) A pop up will be visible and at the bottom part of the pop up, you will notice a button to upload and to submit your photo.


Each product type has it’s own “Order Level”. The more orders completed for a product type, the higher level the product type’s order level will be. For more information regarding the order level requirements, please refer to the chart below :


Yes, there is a seller ranking system. Sellers would be upgraded, downgraded, or remained at the same rank depending on the monthly sales target they achieve. If a seller achieves a certain target in a month, the seller’s rank would be upgraded next month.

If the seller is not able to maintain the same sales or achieve higher sales for 2 months continuously, then the seller’s rank would be downgraded to one rank lower than the current rank. For more information regarding the seller upgrade requirements, please refer to the chart below :



When a sell order is in complete status, the payment will be credited into the seller’s account in Seller Credit. After the payment credited into the seller’s account, seller can then transfer the payment into their favourite payment gateway. Due to security reason, the processing time of the payment remittance will be depending on the seller’s rank. For more info, please refer to the chart below :

SellerQuestion11EN SellerQuestion11-2EN

Before you do a trade to the customer’s ID in-game, when the trade window is open, after you have put in the goods, please kindly print screen as a proof. After a trade is done, you are required to print screen immediately again as another proof. Please upload the screen shots to our server by using the “Upload” button located in the order as soon as possible.

Contact the buyer firstly. If you are unable to resolve this issue, immediately send an e-mail to our support team via Our G2G staff will contact you as soon as possible to solve the issue.

When the order is successfully processed, you can navigate to the order page and check the order details. Click on the “Chat” button and communicate with the buyer. ( The green icon will indicate that the buyer is online and red as offline)

E-mail notification will be sent to your registered e-mail address. You should prepare to contact the buyer and arrange for a delivery.

No. Sellers are required to fulfill that particular order once an order is placed. Failure in delivering the goods will lead to bad impression and even to an extend, negative feedbacks from the buyer. Seller’s account will be terminated if this occurs often.

Please e-mail a detailed report on this issue to In order for us to serve you better, please provide as much information as possible. Our G2G staff will response to you as soon as possible.

There are no charges imposed on registration and you could start marketing your products on our webstore. For every successful transaction, we only charge a small fee based on the order value and product types. For more info, please refer to the chart below:


Example :
Product Type : In-Game Currency
Game : WOW EU
Unit : Gold
Price Per Unit  : USD 0.005
Stock Level : 500,000 Gold

If a customer buys 10,000 gold from a seller,  the transaction fees in total :-  |
(10,000 X USD 0.005) – 9.99%
= USD 50 – 9.99%
= USD 45.005

P/S1 The balance will be credited into your G2G account in Seller Credit format and the processing time of the payment remittance is based on the seller’s rank.

For more information, please visit this link :

P/S2 With the available Seller Credit in your G2G account, you can then convert the Seller Credit to your preferable disbursement gateway. For more information about request payment fee, please visit this link :

You could drop us an e-mail to We will look into your inquiries at the soonest time possible.

You can set the selling price by checking other sellers’ prices or you can set the price based on your personal preference.

We welcome anyone to be our seller. Just adhere to the rules and regulations and you are all set to start anytime.

General Guidelines :
a) Contact info -  Remember to include your contact number and additional information for Skype, QQ, yahoo, etc. This would allow us to contact you should there be any issues arises from your transactions.

b) Online Status – Sellers should log on to their accounts as often as possible as this would reflect their online/offline statuses on their sales listing. This increases the chance of a potential customer in placing an order from their list.

c) Guaranteed delivery time settings – Sellers are advised to set a delivery time frame that they can commit and deliver, as advertised on their list. Good practices and reliable sellers attracts the most customers.

d) Stock level settings – Stock level must be accurate at all times. For an example, if the stock levels are set to 1000 gold, you’re expected to deliver 1000 gold to your customers. Make sure you have the gold in possession before submitting the list.

e) Sales listing’s title settings – Customize your own title to attract potential customers to your list.