How to sell?

Trade your gold loots

How to sell?


1) Select on “Sell” to navigate to the Create / Manage listings page. After logging in, you will need to register as a seller firstly.

2) You will notice there’s two tabs, “Create new listing” and “Manage listing tab”. Kindly click on the “Create new listing” tab to start creating the sales listings. To create the list :-
a) Select a game and product type.
b) Choose a server and click on “Add new listing”.
c) In order to create more sales listing for different / multiple servers, kindly repeat step (b).

3) You will need to input the following details :- :
a) Guaranteed delivery time – as a seller you need to deliver goods to the buyer within this time frame.
b) Stock level – the stock level that you have on hand or in your character’s inventory for that particular game.
c) Based currency (USD, RMB, IDR, MYR), and price per unit.
d) Available delivery methods – buyers will choose their preferred delivery method.

After filling up all the required details, type in the correct captcha code and click on “Submit”to create the sales listings. The sales listings will appear on the product page upon successful creation.

The result is instantaneous, once a submission for the sales listing is created successfully or failed due to incomplete details. *Each sales listing will auto expire after 72 hours. Sellers could extend the timer when the duration of the sales listing is lower than 24 hours. Extending the duration will refresh the sales listing to 72 hours again.

4) Sales listings will appear on the respective product page once a submission is completed. (Example, if a seller creates a sales listing for Diablo 3 EU – Gold, the sales listing will appear on Diablo 3 EU – Gold’s product page)

5) In order to manage the created listings, sellers could navigate to the manage listing page via the “Manage”tab.

Tick on the listing you would like to update and adjust or change the details of the list. Things to take note here :
a) Stock quantity – The stocks you have.
b) Avaiable quantity – Stocks available for sale. (Stock availability will be lower than your actual stock quantity if a buyer places an order from your list.)
c) Reserved quantity – Quantity that has been reserved for a buyer who had placed an order from one of your list.

*Example, if you have 1000 gold in stock and the available stock shown is 200 gold, this indicates that the 800 gold is reserved for a buyer who had placed an order from you.

d) Duration – Each new listing will be listed for only 72 hours. Sellers will need to manually extend the listing duration when the timer is less than 24 hours. Sellers could opt to reactivate their old listing, if the duration has ended.

6)The results will be visible instantly, once sellers have updated their sales listing.

Things to take note :
a) Stock quantity times price per unit is set at a minimum of USD$8 or higher. If the price of the goods is lower than USD$8, the sales listing will not appear on the product page.