How to buy?

Convenient and Fast checkout

How to buy?


Place order in 6 simple steps:
1) Choose a game and product type via the product links, search function or from the featured games list.


2) At the product page,
a) Select a server using the advance search option. You could sort the sales listings with the available sort function.
b) Select a sales listing that you are interested in and click on “Buy Now”

3) Choose a delivery method, insert your in-game character ID and the amount of goods you wish to purchase. Select “Proceed to checkout” to make payment.

4) Once an order is successfully placed, you will be able to check your order status by clicking on “View Order”.

5) At the order page, you may check on the details which includes :-
a) Game server, quantity purchased, in-game character name, delivery method and seller’s online status.
b) Press on “Chat now” button to contact the seller to arrange for a delivery.

6) Once a seller has delivered the goods, just refresh the order page to view the delivery confirmation request. Kindly click on “Yes” if you have received the goods.