14) How do I become a ‘verified’ seller? What benefits would I get if I am verified?

In order to be get the verified seller status, you will need to submit a photo of your Identity Card or driving license to us. The verification process will be done within 24 hours.

Once the verification is done,  a “verified” icon will be visible on your product listing. This icon will provide buyers the confidence that they need in placing an order from you. Besides that, a verified seller is eligible to be upgraded to Power Seller status. For more information about Power Seller ranking, please refer to this link :


Steps to submit photo :
a) Go to “My Account”
b) Go to “Seller Payment”
c) Under Seller Payment -> Request Payment
d) A pop up will be visible and at the bottom part of the pop up, you will notice a button to upload and to submit your photo.