Currency Trading Safety Guidelines

  1. No other transactions will be conducted in-game. Trading is strictly for the delivery of your gold order only.
  2. We will never ask you for any other information in-game. Do not disclose any information which may jeopardize the safety of your account (e.g. passwords etc).
  3. We do not perform any sort of advertising in-game through sending whispers to players or via any of the chat channels.
  4. DO NOT RETURN the gold under any circumstances, even if it’s the same character that just traded with you.
  5. Our Suppliers will always act like a normal player and will not attempt to solicit sales from your character by directing you to another website.
  6. Our Suppliers will also not endanger your account by using hot words like buy gold, or any other variation that would imply that you are purchasing gold on your character.

If any of our Suppliers were to conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner please take a screen shot of the infraction and e-mail it to along with your order number and a summary of the complaint, we will investigate the complaint and there maybe a reward involved for you if the complaint proves true.

In addition, you may also add the player into your ignore list and report the matter to the GMs. Reporting issues such as :
- Receiving unsolicited whispers
- Receiving requests for your personal account information

Reporting to GMs will not in anyway compromise your account or get your account flagged for buying gold. As long as the complaint is made discreetly with no mention of any trade involved.