1) I wish to be a seller. Is there any restrictions or rules that I need to follow?

We welcome anyone to be our seller. Just adhere to the rules and regulations and you are all set to start anytime.

General Guidelines :
a) Contact info -  Remember to include your contact number and additional information for Skype, QQ, yahoo, etc. This would allow us to contact you should there be any issues arises from your transactions.

b) Online Status – Sellers should log on to their accounts as often as possible as this would reflect their online/offline statuses on their sales listing. This increases the chance of a potential customer in placing an order from their list.

c) Guaranteed delivery time settings – Sellers are advised to set a delivery time frame that they can commit and deliver, as advertised on their list. Good practices and reliable sellers attracts the most customers.

d) Stock level settings – Stock level must be accurate at all times. For an example, if the stock levels are set to 1000 gold, you’re expected to deliver 1000 gold to your customers. Make sure you have the gold in possession before submitting the list.

e) Sales listing’s title settings – Customize your own title to attract potential customers to your list.