4) Do I need to pay a certain fee to conduct business on your website?

There are no charges imposed on registration and you could start marketing your products on our webstore. For every successful transaction, we only charge a small fee based on the order value and product types. For more info, please refer to the chart below:


Example :
Product Type : In-Game Currency
Game : WOW EU
Unit : Gold
Price Per Unit  : USD 0.005
Stock Level : 500,000 Gold

If a customer buys 10,000 gold from a seller,  the transaction fees in total :-  |
(10,000 X USD 0.005) – 9.99%
= USD 50 – 9.99%
= USD 45.005

P/S1 The balance will be credited into your G2G account in Seller Credit format and the processing time of the payment remittance is based on the seller’s rank.

For more information, please visit this link :


P/S2 With the available Seller Credit in your G2G account, you can then convert the Seller Credit to your preferable disbursement gateway. For more information about request payment fee, please visit this link :