10) There’s a red/green icon beside the seller’s name along with terms like “Normal Seller”, “Power Seller” and “Order Level” on each listing. What does it mean?

The 3 things that you will notice on the listing :-

a) Seller’s Online Status – green indicates the seller is online and red as offline.

b) Seller’s Ranking – sellers are categorized under 6 different groups, where their rankings are given based on their performance and sales output. Sellers that conducts numerous successful sales will gain higher ranks:-

  • i) Non-Verified Normal Seller
  • ii) Verified Normal Seller
  • iii) Bronze Power Seller
  • iv) Silver Power Seller
  • v) Gold Power Seller
  • vi) Platinum Power Seller
  • vii) Diamond Power Seller

c) Order Level – Max Level is 120. The order level indicates how much order the seller has completed. Higher the order level means the seller completed a huge number of orders.