11) I noticed on the sales listing there’s “Guaranteed time”, “Stock level”, “Unit Price”, and a “Buy” button. What do they represent?

i) Guaranteed time – Indicates the duration that a seller is able deliver the goods within the given time.

ii) Stock Level – Indicates the maximum stock amount a seller has. Buyer can choose to buy all the amount or any amount lesser than the stock level.

iii) Unit Price – Indicates the price for each unit. Example, if the product is referred as gold and the unit price is 0.1 USD, assuming you wanted to purchase 1000 gold :-

The price would translate to 1000 x 0.1USD = 100USD. Our system will generate the price for you automatically for each input you’ve made.

iv) Buy button – Selecting this will prompt up a menu. You will need to enter all necessary details in order to proceed to check out for your order. If you are purchasing gold, you will be requested to enter a character name, delivery method and the total amount of the product you wish to acquire.